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'mbox' and/or 'maildir' formats using in your mailbox
But you can do much more with a complex multiple and multilevel

Hybrid Mail Storage

Independent thought by Kapil Krishnan

  • If you want to get more features in the existing mail services then it is required to increase the programming complexity of mail formats in the mailer daemon.

The initial mailer daemon started with mbox format as shown in the example below.


In the structure itself, you can identify that the format requires some improvement as all the details is storing in the same directory. So the hierarchial structure maildir introduced as shown below.

/home/alice/ - Alice's files will be stored here
/home/bob/ - Bob's files will be stored here
/home/jack/ - Jack's files will be stored here

Now, let us consider an example. You have three folders in your inbox and you want to club two of them. I can understand that now you will create a new folder and then copy all the mails from the two folders to the new folder. This is really wastage of mail space and it is inefficient. It is required to avoid the complexity of the multiple folders. Also if you want to inherit anything into multi-level folder order then also you can see that duplicates will be created. Also one another example, but this is not applicable to a common user. If it is required to club Alice's and Bob's email, it will be very difficult. Suppose you have a mail say "X" and it is in any of the folder /A/B/C/D. Without copying duplicate or moving this will be difficult to achieve. If we added the following hybrid model for the mailer daemons then it will improve the efficiency of your mail services.

In the new model, the mail pointer will be inherited by multiple and multilevel folders/mails/users. The security can be ensured by making it as base or derived pointer. This architecture will increase the complexity of mailer daemon but will provide more features to the users in the web interface.