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The future TeleVisions

Independent thought posted on February 4th, 2004 by Kapil Krishnan

Today I am taking rest after my Septoplastic and B/L surgery upon nose and sitting idle at my home. I need to attend my Fourth Semester B.Tech classes after this bed rest. The one and only only one entertainment for me is to watch TV programs. I am not able to smell or even breathing is very tough for me now as there is stitches needs to be removed.


Now me and my TV is in the same situation, because I am not able to smell anything as there is bleeding will start if I try for it. I can watch flowers and able to hear music, but if there is a jasmine, TVs can't produce the smell.


  • Why TV can't produce smell even it can produce visuals and sounds?

I have asked the same question to myself and my findings and solutions are follows.

The smelling technology is really lagging behind as compared to sound and visuals. Today's TVs are handicapped TVs as there is something missing, the people not able to feel the reality when watching TV programs.

  • New proposed model for tomorrow's smelling technology integrated TVs

Here, in the new Television a smell emitter would be there with an addition to the existing components of Television. The smell emitter is working according with smell decoder inside the TV. The smell emitter will be capable of producing various smells according to the decoder.

For example, a binary pattern 1000 can recognize Jasmine, 1001 may be Rose etc.

At the tranmission side, electronic nose understand the smell and it encodes into a binary format and the binary encoded data will be send along with voice and picture. At the recevier side, the smell decoder can decode the smell and appropriate signals will be send to smell encoder to produce the smell.

Special Note: Now you may have a doubt about what will happen if TV produce bad smell as the people will run away from their position when they watch programs.

My Answer: There would be a smell control which will control the emitter power like volume control in my TVs.