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Releasing high energy in the crust can provide opp-seismic waves
Seismic waves can block by equialent opp-seismic waves at time of 't'

Prediction & Prevention of Earthquakes

Independent thought by Kapil Krishnan

  • Creation of opposite seismic waves in the magnitude of Vs/Vp will block earthquakes at time 't' and at place 'p'

An equialent opposite creation of Primary/Pressure Seisemic Velocity to Secondary/Shear Seismic velocity will make the crust stable.

i.e., Vp/Vs x Vs/Vp = 1

There are two requirements to achieve this.

A PC which contains a sound card which connected to Analog to Digital converter that connected with Teleseismometer is useful to identify the earth quakes. The sofware can be used to identify and prevent the earth quakes by continously monitoring the velocity variations. The output of the program will provide the magnitude of Vp/Vs.

At the prevention side, another Digitial to Analog converter makes the equialent Vs/Vp to prevent the motion. In this end, seismosic waves generator will work as the analog instrument. The input of the generator will be connected to a nuclear fusion to create high energy whenever it is required. Radiation can use to transfer the energy wherever it is required.

Note: The proposal may looks like simple. But it will be very costly to implement such a mechanism and also testing will be very difficult especially at the preventor end.