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About Me

I am a computer engineer from South India. Due to the respect of great Sreenivasa Ramanujan you can see that number 1728 everywhere in my website. He is the first mathematician whom I heard when started to study Mathematics, in short I am a big fan of him. The number 1728 stands just below of Ramanujan-Hardy Taxi cab number 1729.


This website is dedicated to my mother who taught me to read and write first time when I was 2-3 years old. I was always a problem creating baby to my parents and relatives when I was just 2 years old itself. Atlast my mother found a way to sit me in a position by using stories because I liked to hear stories very much. But it turned my mom into big trouble because I asked her to tell stories always. Atlast my mom started to teach me to read and write.


I was really interested to read books and that interest made me to learn things very easily. I could read and write very well when I was three years old and I used to read newspapers before joining the school. The very early teaching from my mother helped me very much.

I believe all people are good and I like everyone. One of my ambition is to see all people in the world live with full of joy and happiness. There should not be any seperation in the name of money, caste or countries.