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If you help somebody
There will be atleast someone to help you

Welcome To My Dreams

This website is the collection of my thoughts and dreams in the childhood days. I have been thinking to share my ideas and thoughts to the entire world and I reached here now. There are so many persons in this world crying for food everyday. Some persons are thinking to help them, but they can't supply food for everyone.


When I was five years old, an old man visited my home regularly and we gave food for him. I asked him why you can't come to my home everyday? He smiled and asked, Can you provide food for everyone always? I could not answer at that time, but my website is the late reply for him.

How can I help these people? It was the question I asked myself and I reached in the following points.

  • People to food ratio is very high. Increased rate of food in less time interval can destroy poverty.
  • Suppose if we could create a tree within 1 minute, we can increase the rate of food.

We need to increase the production of food in less time interval to solve this issue. If we can produce an apple within one minute that will be the happiest moment for entire scientific world.

About Me

I am a computer engineer from South India. Due to the respect of great Sreenivas Ramanujan you can see the number 1728 everywhere in my website. He is the first mathematician whom I heard about when started to study Mathematics, in short I am a big fan of him. I selected the number 1728 to express my honour because it stands below of Ramanujan-Hardy Taxi cab number 1729.


This website is dedicated to my mother who taught me to read and write first time when I was 2-3 years old. I was always a problem creating baby to my parents and relatives when I was just 2 years old itself. At last my mother found a way to sit me in a position by using stories because I liked to hear stories very much. But it turned my mom into big trouble because I asked her to tell stories always. Finally my mom started to teach me to read and write.

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